What to expect

If you'd come to visit a service at Immanual, here's what you'd experience:

  • Our services are “traditional”, using variations of the Lutheran  liturgy and hymns, and scripture readings from the ESV translation of  the Bible. The order of service can be followed from a hymnal book or on  screen projections.
  • During the celebration of Holy Communion, we encourage all who share  the faith proclaimed by the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod to  participate in coming forward to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord.  Those who are physically uncomfortable to come forward may receive  communion by sitting in the front pew on the left or by receiving it on  one of the side aisles. (...if so requested of an usher before the  service.) Those not wishing to commune may remain seated in the pew  until the end of the service.  Please fill out a white card from the pew rack and hand it to the usher as you come forward for communion.
  • Bring your children. Activity bags may be picked as you enter.
  • Dress comfortably
  • Expect to be greeted before and after the service. Introduce  yourself to the Pastor as your are ushered out of the service. Please  stay for coffee and snacks after the Sunday service.
  • Feel free to talk to your neighbors in the pews before and after the service.
  • Services nominally last for an hour, but may extend somewhat longer  especially during a Communion service or when a Baptism or other special  event takes place.
  • An offering plate is passed, although many people make  contributions in other ways. There is no stigma for not putting anything  into the plate during the service.
  • During the offering, please fill out the book passed along each pew from the side aisle, and fill out a visitor card found in the pew rack and drop tht in the offering plate or hand it to an usher.

how to become a member

 We welcome those visitors who wish to join as members of Immanuel  Lutheran. If you are a member of another congregation in fellowship with  the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS), simply contact the office  to arrange for your membership transfer. Otherwise, new members are  accepted after an affirmation of faith or after instruction in the  Lutheran faith and formal Confirmation.